Sundried Tomato Savoury Rolls

Savoury Rolls

Looking like a traditional sausage roll our Savoury Rolls provide all the carby comfort you need minus the animal.
Available in 9 different flavours including seasonal favourites like Cranberry & Chestnut and Pumpkin Spice, Sundried Tomato, Mozzarella Style & Basil and our ultimate comfort food “a hug in pastry form” Cheddar Style & Red Onion.

vegan pasties


Perfect for lunch time eating or tea time dining hot with potatoes and vegetables our Pasties will not disappoint.
Available in a range of flavours, our Leek & Mushroom Pasties are a Farmers Market favourite, watch out for seasonal specials.

Fruit topped pie

Fruit Topped Pie

A seasonal stunner, our Cheddar Style & Red Onion filling in a short crust pastry case, topped with fresh cranberries boiled up with a little sugar.
More flavours in development!

Scotch Eggless

Scotch Eggless

Our vegan version of a the Great British picnic favourite, the Scotch Egg.
With a tofu based ‘egg mayonnaise’ centre wrapped in soya mince, coated in breadcrumb and then of course deep fried.
Currently available in over 30 different flavours with an ever growing list including The Original, The Full English and The Colonel and seasonal specials The Festive and The Extra Festive.

vegan pie


Currently available in Steak Style & Red Onion and Chicken Style, Leek & Mushroom.
Perfect with a bit of mash and gravy!

sweet scoth eggless

Sweet Scotch Eggless

Why stop at a savoury version?! These weighty obscenities are definitely not diet food!
It all began with a dark chocolate vegan creme egg, wrapped in rich chocolate cake, coated in breadcrumb and deep fried and went downhill from there. Available in The Egg-stravaganza (creme egg), The Full Bloom (Rose egg filling with Turkish Delight Cake) The Midnight (A mint fondant centre and rich chocolate cake-pictured) and The Lotus (crunchy Biscoff spread in a dark chocolate egg with smooth Biscoff cake surrounding it)

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