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Sundried Tomato Savoury Rolls


Savoury Rolls

Looking like a traditional sausage roll our Savoury Rolls provide all the carby comfort you need minus the animal.

Available in

Cheddar Style & Red Onion

Tomato & Red Onion

Sage & Onion

Sundried Tomato, Mozzarella Style & Basil (summer)

Pepper & Sweetcorn (Summer)

Feta Style & Beetroot (Summer)

BBQ Aubergine (Summer)

Pumpkin Spice (Autumn)

Roasted Buternut Squash & Spinach (Autumn/Winter)

Parsnip & Apple (Autumn/Winter)

Cranberry & Chestnut (Christmas)

Scotch Eggless


Scotch Eggless®

Our vegan version of a the Great British picnic favourite, the Scotch Egg.
With a tofu based ‘egg mayonnaise’ centre wrapped in soya mince, coated in breadcrumb and then of course deep fried.

Now available to order online

Available in

The Original

The Original (NGCI)
– non gluten containing ingredients

Sweet Chilli

Full English
– with a smoky “bacon” flavour & baked beans

Old Smoky
– hickory smoke flavour

The Pizza
– with sundried tomatoes & fresh basil

The Colonel
– flavoured with a good kick of English Mustard

The Fruity
– with gently spice apricot & mango chutney

The Nooch
– flavoured with nutritional yeast

The Mighty
– flavoured with yeast extract

The Cheesy
– with vegan smoked cheese

The Basil
– with vegan green pesto

Hoisin & Spring Onion
Maple Bac’n
– smoky “bacon” flavour with plenty of maple syrup

The Puddin’
– with chunks of vegan black pudding

– with pieces of vegan haggis

– with slices of vegan chorizo

The Aztec
– flavoured with dark cocoa & chilli

Pumpkin Spice (October)
– with roasted pumpkin & seasonal spices

The Festive (Christmas)
– with a sprinkle of sage

The Extra Festive (Christmas)
– with a sprinkle of sage plus dried cranberries

Mince Pie (Christmas)
– with mince pie filling, similar to a sweet relish

Beetroot & Horseradish

Cheeze & Pickle

– with Quorn ham pieces & pineapple

Sweet Heat
– hot & sweet!

Hot Sweet Chilli

– with Tofueri Cumberland Soysage

The Mac
– with vegan mac n cheeze

Maple Mac
– a combination of The Mac & Maple Bac’n creating maple bac’n mac n cheeze!

Faux Lox
– with vegan faux smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon & dill

Colonel Mac
– a combination of The Mac & The Colonel, creating a mustard mac n cheeze!


vegan pasties


Available in

Leek & Mushroom
– with potato in an oat cream sauce

Sweet Potato
– with vegan cheese, carrot & parsnip

– with Quorn mince, carrots, onions and potato in gravy

Fruit topped pie

Fruit Topped Pie

A seasonal stunner, our Cheddar Style & Red Onion filling in a short crust pastry case, topped with fresh cranberries boiled up with a little sugar.
More flavours in development!

vegan pie


Available in

Steak Style & Red Onion

Chicken Style, Leek & Mushroom

sweet scoth eggless

Sweet Scotch Eggless

Why stop at a savoury version?! These weighty obscenities are definitely not diet food!
Availble to order online

Available in

The Egg-stravaganza
– vegan dark chcolate creme egg, surrounded by rich chocolate cake

The White Egg-straveganza
– vegan white chocolate creme egg, surrounded by rich chocolate cake

The Full Bloom
– dark chocolate & rose fondant egg surrounded by Turkish Delight Cake

The Midnight
– dark chocolate & mint fondant egg surrounded by rich chocolate cake

The Lotus
– crunchy Biscoff spread in a dark chocolate egg surrounded by smooth Biscoff Cake

The Chunky Monkey
– dark chocolate & banana flavoured fondant egg surrounded by Peanut Butter Cake

Cherry Choc
– dark chocolate & cherry flavoury fondant egg surrounded by Cherry Chocolate Cake

The Mermaid
– vegan white chocolate & candy floss fondant egg surrounded by Cream Soda Cake

The Celebration
-vegan white chocolate & prosecco flavoured fondant egg surrounded by Cranberry & Orange Cake

Mince Pie & Custard
– dark chocolate & custard fondant flavoured egg surrounded by Mince Pie Cake

The Birthday
-vegan white chocolate & popping candy with candy floss fondant cenre egg surrounded by Candy Floss Cake and topped with icing and sprinkles

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