Privacy Policy

Everyone has a right to privacy, it’s a lovely thing and now the Government are making sure businesses do it all properly by doing the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) stuffs. Good eh? I’m sure you are all completely sick of hearing and reading about it by now though so I will try to make this quick!

Our privacy policy…

Food! By Lizzi is a teeny, tiny one woman band. It is just me and therefore just me seeing “data” 99% of the time. My lovely bookkeeper might see something but only if it relates to the numbers she is crunching and a helper might see an address if they do a postal run for me but that is it. I do not keep paper copies of customer details, I simply don’t need to.

So let’s talk online, email and all electronic stuff. has a lovely little shop that many of you have ordered from. You can create an account or you checkout as a guest. I am not, to my knowledge, privy to your account details. It is password protected, set up by you, for your use.

The shop checkout uses Stripe, PayPal and PayPal Express. I do not have access to any of your card details, those remain with Stripe and PayPal, I only get your billing address and delivery details.Your delivery address is either written directed onto your parcel then the parcel given to Royal Mail or typed into to book your delivery with UPS and create your shipping label. No customer addresses are saved on and printed labels are stuck directly on to parcels to be shipped. Reprinted labels due to printer issues are immediately destroyed.


Food! By Lizzi email ( and is via Gmail who have made me electronically sign all sorts of GDPR related documents recently so we’re all good there. No details or email addresses are saved on Gmail.


I use MailChimp but as those of you who have signed up for my newsletters (or seen my attempt at blogging!) will know I am really bad at sending you regular waffle so I’ve given up and you will be relieved to hear-deleted all signed up emails! If and when I decide to give it another go you’ll all have to sign up again and do the fun double opt in thingy, k? Good.

Social Media! Ahhh, my beloved.

Food! By Lizzi is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (There is technically a Pinterest account but it isn’t used in the same way) I’ll start with Twitter because it is the quickest.


It is linked to Instagram and most of the posts come from there, it is rare I properly use it so data on there is minimal. Private conversations (DM’s) with customers are not saved, retweets and replies are all Twitters territory.


I do not keep any customer data on Instagram. All regrams are done under the assumption that if you have tagged Food! By Lizzi (@foodbylizzi) in your public post/photograph you are happy and consenting to the post/photograph being regrammed on the Food! By Lizzi account. If you are not please contact me via Instagram or email requesting the post to be removed and it shall be done at the first available opportunity (most likely immediately). Instagram private conversations (DM’s) are deleted once completed.


Ooo this one is a beast! If we knew half of what they knew about our online habits we’d probably all unplug! …but this is about us, not them. Food! By Lizzi has a Pixel! Hurrah! ….what’s a Pixel? It’s a whizzy little thing that talks to the Food! By Lizzi website and updates the Facebook shop whenever I fiddle with something on the main website shop. It also knows what you click on and can help me target my adverts. Don’t panic though, it is rare I pay for Facebook advertising so the likelihood of me looking at the data to do anything other than say “ooo!” is very, very slim. There are lots of lovely statistic on the Facebook business insights page but it is all snazzy graphs and age ranges rather than exact details. Again this is to help promote targeted marketing campaigns rather than find out what you had for breakfast.

Facebook Messenger is a handy way for us to keep in touch. Preorders are often discussed this way as well as event enquiries and general business talk. Conversations are kept until finished, be that in writing or orders being collected. There is a regular deletion of messages so it may take a little longer from now on to remember which market I saw you at last and what flavour food you had.

I mostly work from my mobile phone, via apps or email. No personal data is held directly on my phone or laptop unless permission has been expressly given.

Your right to be deleted!
You are perfectly within your rights to ask that any and all data held on you is deleted, just pop me over an email to and all traces of you will be removed from the systems (aside from anything the Tax Man might require) asap.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change and updates to keep Food! By Lizzi compliant. As I know, you’ll know via this policy. K? Lovely, time for a cuppa don’t you think?!

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