The wafflely blurb bit about Food! By Lizzi..

Food! By Lizzi is run by me, Lizzi. That’s me in the scarily big photo below-Hi there!

What started out in curiosity and a solution to redundancy in 2013 has turned into a thriving passion for creating traditional British comfort food in Vegan friendly form.

There’s a time and a place for a stuffed pepper or a quinoa salad

Don’t get me wrong but sometimes you just need a bit of pastry or something deep fried to fulfill that deep seated carb craving. And you will certainly find it at Food! By Lizzi! With 9 flavours of Savoury Rolls, a growing range of pies and pasties and over 25 flavours of Scotch Eggless at the last count we’ve got you covered. Be it a quick snack, lunch on the go, a picnic in the park or dinner infront of the TV I’m sure you’ll find something in our range to fit the bill!

Why is it all vegan?

Well, why not?! (a quick over view) Way back in 2013 I felt there was a gap in the market for easy to eat, tasty vegetarian food so set about trying to fill that gap. Being veggie myself at the time I was sick of going places and not being able to eat like everyone else. I’m apparently a fussy thing too as not being able to tolerate spice means many of the meat free options were off the table. Surely I wasn’t the only one? Seemingly not. As time went by I personally started feeling this vegetarian thing is ok but um.. eggs and dairy. (and honey, and leather and…) Yeah, not really loving the ‘production’ side of things. So I moved over to the vegan side and haven’t looked back. Food! By Lizzi was a little slower in the transition, fueled by customer requests I started to develop a vegan range so by 2015 it was all about 50/50 then one weekend in 2016 I threw my toys out of the pram and declared I was not boiling another blooming egg! And that was that.

There are many, many reasons for being vegan, always for the animals but also for the environment, sometimes for health and often for a very personal set of reasons.

We all have our reasons, Food! By Lizzi is here to make the cruelty free lifestyle that little bit easier. Not vegan yourself? No problem, come try some yummy treats and see what you are missing! It’s not all dust and cardboard what ever you might have heard! I strongly adhere to the hashtag “anything they can do we can do vegan”. We live in exciting times for veganism with more and more options available to us and I relish the challenge of veganising missed favourites. It’s how our award nominated Scotch Eggless came about!  I want to make vegan food and the vegan lifestyle as easy, delicious, comforting, non threatening and accessible to as many people as possible. It’s all good food…just without the animals.Let’s do away with the stereotypes shall we? I can talk for hours about vegan food (and most things if I’m honest!) so please feel free to ask me food questions.

Did I say award nominated Scotch Eggless?

Oh yes! Our Scotch Eggless have been nominated for Best Vegan Snack at the Vegan Festival Uk Awards for the two years running! They’ve been up against some big names in the snack industry so to have one of my products on the list with them has been incredible.

Food! By Lizzi is a Prince’s Trust supported business

They helped me to get started and held my hand during that nervous beginning bit. They also gave me a lovely, sparkly glass award in 2014 as the regional Celebrate Success Award winner in the Enterprise Category! I cannot recommend them enough. Aged between 18-30 or know someone who is that might benefit from some support? Check out their website at

Award winning!

Food! By Lizzi also has a nice sparkly glass Silver Awards for Best Hospitality Business from Ixion Holdings in 2013, awarded just 6 months after starting up. I do like sparkly things! There are online awards too, Food! By Lizzi is a #WOW winner, Jacqueline Gold’s Women on Wednesday campaign and #SBS winner, Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday campaign over on Twitter.

If there is anything else you would like to know send me a message via the contact page or head down to a Farmers Market or Event and say hi, information about them can be found on the markets & events page. If you would like to see the stall at an event your are organising please email me at

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