Not even a full month in and so far it seems like 2019 might just be the year of the vegan sausage roll!


Ever since national bakery chain Gregg’s announced they were bringing out a vegan version of their beloved questionable “meat” in pastry snack it’s all anyone seems to be talking about! (apart form Chris Packham and his lovely video mention of our Scotch Eggless of course! Not seen it? Oh you must…it’s here)


Gregg’s THE high-street name when it comes to bargain pastries, Belgium buns, batch made bread and greasy (in a good way but sadly meaty in a bad way) comfort food, releasing a VEGAN sausage roll?! Oh my goodness the nation was up in arms! Well, except the vegans. We were pretty chuffed.

But why the big deal? It’s just a meat free, dairy free, egg free pastry after all. It’s nothing new. Except it kind is. Plenty of us make them, I do. But this is Gregg’s. This is the first non supermarket to really tackle vegan options with a like for like product and what a product. They haven’t gone for a soggy vegetable pasty, they haven’t gone for a plait or a turnover with too much spice or dodgy flavour combinations. They’ve gone straight in there with one of the biggest sellers. The iconic Sausage Roll. It’s a huge deal. This is a massive brand recognising and responding to the ever growing vegan spend. They see it and they want in and in doing so somehow add more weight to the movement.

You would think though that they had announced every branch in the country was going completely vegan though! One simple product has caused outrage from the likes of ever angry Piers Morgan and whipped up a media and social media frenzy. I have to admit the day before launch I started to wonder if the internet might implode under the weight of fierce angry comments from triggered meat eaters combined with a level of vegan excitement that could hardly be contained. A special mention has to go to the Gregg’s advertising and media teams. Not only was the advert for the sausage roll brilliant but the sharp, quick wit of the Twitter team made for a very entertaining nights reading. The question then became, where can we get one? And a national list of stores appeared.

There were literal queues outside Gregg’s branches the next day and soon reports of sell outs started appearing. In fact Gregg’s have done so well with their marketing they cant keep up with demand! My own home town has two Gregg’s, neither of which were on the list so I am still yet to try one myself for comparison.


As I said at the beginning, vegan sausage rolls are nothing new. They are, however, getting noticed and finally getting the mainstream acknowledgement they deserve! (as long as you dont read the comments!) The vegan sausage roll is an absolute staple in any vegan diet. Whether it be filled with lentils, sos mix or mushrooms, they have been around from the vegan year dot because who doesn’t love food wrapped in pastry that you can eat on the go?! I make them in 12 flavours here at Food! By Lizzi. Arjuna Whole foods in Cambridge make them, as do Deerly Beloved Bakery in Norwich and Vegan Delice in London and a whole host of businesses, big and small, in between. And the media are taking notice. The Eastern Daily Press recently published an online article “Move over Gregg’s: 5 other places in Norwich you can buy vegan sausage rolls” Little Shop of Vegans and our Savoury Rolls get a mention at no5. You can also spot our rolls in a short video on the EDP24 Facebook page highlighting vegan shops and cafes in Norwich for Veganuary. Just this week posted a blog “7 places to buy vegan sausage rolls in Norwich”

Enjoy Norfolk More - 'Veganuary' in Norwich!

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Posted by EDP 24 on Thursday, 10 January 2019

Of course it’s not just Norwich where these traditional flaky goodness can be found, they are every where, in almost every town, you just have to know where to look!

Have you tried Gregg’s vegan sausage roll? What did you think? Who makes the best ones where you are? Which of our flavours are your favourite? Let me know in the comments and let’s share the vegan sausage roll love!